Today’s theme on the OTB Zone was rain.

The rainy season has begun. I started the show with Fats Waller asking the musical question Where’ s The Sun?


Where is the sun, oh clouds above me?

Where are the birds that used to sing?

Everything’s wrong, oh where is their song of love?

Where is the one who said she loved me?

Gone, like the flowers I used to bring!

Can it be true there’s somebody new to love?

Listen, my heart,

Don’t feel so bad,

Think of the kisses we knew!

You know, my heart,

The moments we had,

Maybe she misses them too!

Where is the sun, oh clouds above me?

Don’t take the dreams to which I cling!

Where is the sun, oh where is the one I love?

Fats Waller is one of my favorite pianists. He is very underrated, but if you listen to his piano solos, you will hear a master musician.

I also played Johnny Ray singing  Just Walking in the Rain. A great song for practicing your word chunks. Listen to the phrases, practice the rhythm.

Just walking in the rain

Getting soaking wet

Torturing my heart

By trying to forget

Just walking in the rain

So alone and blue

All because my heart

Still remembers you

People come to windows

They always stare at me

Shaking their heads in sorrow

Saying, who can that fool be

Just walking in the rain

Thinking how we met

Knowing things could change

Somehow I can’t forget

Today’s vocabulary tidbit – soaking wet.  It means very, very wet, like if you get caught in the rain without your umbrella and have to walk all the way home from the train station.

soaking wet – also dripping wet, and drenched – they all mean very, very wet. Useful words for this time of year.



Welcome to the OTB Zone

This is the companion blog to my Wednesday class as well as the radio show I just started on FM-Iwakuni.

I changed the format of the radio show because it was too boring. So now I’ll be playing music and posting the playlist, the lyrics of some of the songs I play and certain choice vocabulary items, with explanations and further examples.

Here’s todays playlist:

Lord Buckley – The Train

Rufus Thomas – The Memphis Train

The O’Jays – Love Train

T Bone Walker – That Evening Train

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Stop That Train

Buckwheat Zydeco – The Midnight Special

The Monkees- Last Train to Clarksville